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Bonjour! My name is Résham. I am an indian student doing Masters in French Literature from Paris-Sorbonne.
Being born in a family who ardently loved dogs, I've always had a dog since I was born. Being born and brought up with dogs, not only have I mastered the art of knowing what it is that a dog wants-food, sleep, playtime-but I also understand how to train and love dogs.
I have four dogs back home- 3 pugs and one beagle and I adore them with all my heart! In fact, I believe more than my family, it is cuddling with them, playing with them and taking them out for walks that I miss the most and hence I take every oppurtunity to akype with them!
Being a dog-sitter/ walker would permit me to not only meet new people but also to spend time with the living beings I love the most on the planet- even more than humans :)

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