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My parents have grown up in big homes with dog pets and, there has been a very natural acceptance to presence of dogs in the home as well as keen commitment to provide a caring environment to them. As a little girl, I have never felt fearful or mistrustful of them, no matter where I have encountered them. As I have grown In years, so has my affinity and affection for them.
In Delhi, my home is in a multi storey RD apartment with only a balcony, no lawn. Hence, my Dad, siblings and I took to feeding several stray dogs living in our area. At one time, I was daily feeding18 dogs, treating them for skin infections and injuries due to traffic or uncaring humans. When I used to leave home to catch a bus to college, they used to escort me to the bus stand and walk back home in the evening from the bus stand. They accompanied me everywhere I went walking in nearby vicinity.The numbers have fluctuated as per drives by civic authorities. Even today, my family continued to feed the dogs which were under my care till I left for Paris in 2016. In 2010, Simba a one year old street dog I used to feed, developed severe case of distemper and was critically paralyzed. I brought him home in a helpless state, followed up on treatment and care till he shocked all by surviving. He has never gone back and continues to be the favorite child in the family. On weekends, I have happily volunteers at adoption counters set up by Friendicoes, a leading animal welfare organization in Delhi. Gathering newspapers from neighboring residents, donating affordable sums for operations, ordering supplies of dog food etc has been part of my daily life at Delhi.
In fact, at Paris, I really miss not having a pet dog to be my friend and cuddle up to. The friendliness, love, happy wags and slurpy wet licks have been missed sorely since September2016. Somehow dogs know that I am their friend and always respond favorably to me. I am confident that guided correctly, I will be able to take good care of animal.

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