Emma, dog sitter à Paris
A propos de Emma

Salut! My name is Emma, I'm 20 years old and recently moved to Paris. I have been surrounded by dogs my entire life and have always enjoined their company. Now that I've left Stockholm for Paris, I left two great dogs behind. A 11 year old Spaniel and a 7 year old French Bulldog.

I will have lot's of free during my time in Paris and plan to experience the city by walk. It would be great to have a furry friend with me on my adventures. We will walk (or run if that suits your dog) stroll in parks, have lunches and naps in the shadow or at home.

I have years of experience with dogs and it is important to me that you tell me what your dog likes and what it is capable of doing. Weither we're going to spend 1 hour or every day of the week together- I always want to make sure the dog is comfortable. Examples of information that matter to me are: Does your dog enjoy other dogs company? Does it bark at people or cars? Does the dog enjoy playing with toys/bones? Does it enjoy long and fast walks or does it prefer short and slow walks?

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour davantage d'informations.

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  • Suzanne

    Emma is still great, I hope she can hang out with Biggie again soon!

    20e Avril 2017

  • Suzanne

    Emma était parfait avec Biggie et elle m'a donné beaucoup de nouvelles!

    18e Avril 2017